At a moment we are something, at another, we are nothing.  But what semantically can we gather from these polarities? I say that every day and in every way, we are always something, bits of matter combined into entities of magical promise and possibility — fully capable of being redundant and telling really bad jokes.  Today, a celebrity died unexpectedly — but as I have said before — a celebrity is a person — and as I will say now — a fabricated notion concocted by society to sell more things.  When I heard of this death, my heart clutched in shock. Why? I did not know this person. Sure, I know people who worked with him, talked to him, maybe even cared deeply for him, but I, myself never laid physical eyes on him.  Some say this should be a reason for me not to care or connect. But as human beings we all connect to each other.  Artists give us music, amusement and contemplation.  This is a relationship we may not understand when we cannot communicate back in a give and take, but we do receive an artist’s thoughts and intentions however subtle, however earth-shattering and we connect.  A death of a person known only through sight and visual medium may remind us of our own mortality. I find myself recalling this person’s life on the big screen and leap back into the thoughts I churned at each interval. And I remember how young I was and how I have grown and I think — we only have short lives — some shorter than others. We have to live as beautifully and in the best way that we can every day.  None of us are perfect, but we have the opportunity to be the best version of ourselves — we allow ourselves to be — whenever we can.


*Dedicated to Paul Walker, who died at 40-years-young and who was giving back to the world at the time of his demise. You can read the details of his death online. I prefer to remember life and what a gift it is in his memory.  Peace on world (and to Paul’s lovely daughter,  Meadow).