If you participated in NaNoWriMo or have a book that needs revising, step right up and give PlotWriMo a shot.  I know NaNo may have raped your brain, but PlotWriMo takes it easy on you.  The plan is to get ready and think about how to revise that the beastly draft of whatever it is you created then in January go at it with a vengeance. You will be provided with a series of exercises (delivered daily if you sign up — but they are also avail on the website below) to get your mind loosened up and thinking about how to make your story work.  PlotWriMo is run by the Plot Whisperer. I own some of the books she has written and feel she holds a wealth of knowledge. We all have to find our own mentors.  I have about four. She is one I have yet to meet, but plan to. For now, this is where you can get started if you are interested. Today is the first day, so you’re not too late!