Jeremiah Morelli 7


Tonight I work and pen and trouble without sin

I’ve canceled a day of presentation

A day promised to the self of recognition, of hello

Of love and spirit of the season yet I could not register

The tick of the clock and the merriment a hammock locked hour or two

For there is work to pen and give to you — the human, the invisible smile

The ugly heart, the blood-dangled teeth, the melodic pain that may rip out from

This holiday — I am author — good, bad, or ridiculous — I work for whomever needs to hear me

For I am you and you are me and we are the earth — bleak, manuered, tapped by the humming bird

Tasted by the Smurfberries, and the jelly sandwiches eaten with scraped knees

Of memories and of our children’s tomorrows

Of lost ones of loved ones of every day of love and without cold hard cash

December is when twinkle as hard as it we try to forget

That our hearts give us peace and we remember even when they try and succeed to turn it to gold

The days and nights, the stars and plights of fathers, mothers and sons

To what is life pen, paper, plight and given up nights for those we cherish

December, ladies and gents, despite all that we’ve spent, is the month of truth

And rebirth — Let us remember what WE are worth

(Not a holiday tune but I’ve played it on a loop every Christmas for the past five years and so for me it is.)