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If we wait until we are ready

An old friend I can no longer see outside of a tabloid remedy

Has taken rocks from her human eyes and mined them into gems

Her childish wish come true, her premonition peeled open

Burst free of jaundice, fever, pale-skinned frost-bitten into a sea of nectarine

Showered with stars and sprinkled with diamonds from heaven

Teeth gleaming beneath a watermelon grin as they blind her eyes,

With blinding light blossomed from their ugly plastic lenses

And yet she dances on pavement and kisses her beau beside Alice

Without fear, without folly, with promise, and life, and love, and a heart

I recall a prediction about me, trumpeted from an old sofa by this star of light

Propped to pounce with her destiny did not only covet it for

Herself but for us all, showers of green bows, and red paper, a holiday

That her heritage never knew but her heart realized, winter solstice lights

Dead promises and kindled wishes, happy Christmas, wrap this up

And send it your heart, that promise you made to yourself as you blinked up

At your tree, at your menorah, at a candle twinkling with the earth’s soil

Laughter from your friend’s lover, who one day will be your best friend

That the world shall know my name and take it whether in truth or in vain

I step out with wet toes, icy lungs, harried cheeks, and my crooked smile

And say, sorry world, my eyes have only just opened today

What miracle do you have in store for me, just say

the same gift her eyes have given her is now mine and yours today

** Dedicated to my movie star friend who made her dreams come true times ten. I know that life seems to bestow gifts on one person more than the other, but there is no reason that we cannot try to work for the simple dreams our childish hearts ask for. A person is a person. That is all. Love you all as much as I love her and am proud of you all for living everyday as well as you can. It isn’t easy but we must make the best of our time here on this planet. At end of it all, we are simply what we’ve left behind.

PS The only reason I know movie stars is because I live in LA. That doesn’t make me better than anyone. It is just an experience. Love your experiences. We want to hear about them ALL. We are just trying to live. xoxoxo