I’ve registered a treatment, and it feels good. Sitting on many other things for a moment or two.

Authored by Allison

According to the Writer’s Guild of America West, registering your work with them may not take the place of registering it with the Library of Congress – U.S. Copyright Office, but both create valid legal evidence that can be used in court. What the service offers is an official time stamp of your work from a neutral (and highly respected) third-party. You can do this in various ways, of course, but if you’ve always wondered about registering your work with the WGA, here’s the skinny: Registration is only $20 per project, and you can do it online.  Your submission will be given a unique digital code, and it is recommended that you keep a copy of your exact submission on file. I say save it and then back it up! It’s best you have a copy of precisely what you sent in for you records. After that, you can…

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