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ImageI think it is important to encourage the poetic voices of artists of all ages from wherever they reside in the world. So today, I am featuring a young writer named Priyeta from with a link to her poem, Minds.  Priyeta, who hails from Bangladesh, shared some wonderful thoughts with me yesterday, and in turn, I’m sharing them with you. Thank you again, Priyeta.


Priyeta Saha is a name that many people can’t pronounce properly, a name that belongs to a 16 years old teenager who lives in a small but beautiful country, Bangladesh. I have the best family, the best friends and the best grades. But something that completes my life are my thoughts about my surroundings which I try to put into words in the best way possible for me!

The very first poem of my life was “Marvel” that I wrote when I was in Class 6. It kind of intrigued me into writing more poems which I did later on.  However, I chose “Minds” to feature here because it deals with a very interesting and diverse topic. The people who will read this poem will be able to categorise it in their own minds.

When I started writing, I don’t think I was inspired by anyone. It actually just happened. It came from the core of my heart and it still does. Though Rabindranath Tagore and Charles Dickens are respectively my favourite poet and writer. Their writing amuses me every time I go through it. Of course, I generally like to read anything that engages my mind totally.

I would like to publish my book of poetry if I get the chance.  If I have to describe myself as a writer in one word, I would prefer the word “adventurous.”  I don’t think I am that much experienced to give advice to other people. Still, I would like to say that poetry or any other piece of writing is a forum to exhibit your creativity. Try to make the best use of it and learn from the criticism of your readers. This will expand your horizons to their limits.


Thank you, Priyeta.  

Please enjoy Minds at Priyeta’s author page on Wattpad.

Thank you for reading and supporting our young writers of the world. Reblog if you’d like to share her story too.

More featured authors to come.

— Allison

**Abstract Painting by Varinder Pal Singh