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Social media can be an intolerable thing when you want to get work done, and it just will not leave you alone. But when it comes to the life of your story after you’ve actually, by some miracle, completed it, it can be a gift from the heavens. Take Pintrest for example. I just spent the last few minutes pinning a load of pictures I kept on my computer to inspire to write the first draft of my novel, Forget Me Not. Now, all of a sudden, the world (or at least my 300 something followers) can see my story. Not quite as good as seeing it on the big screen, but hey, you have complete control over what goes on your board. And even better, you can pin things you normally need permission to post on Pintrest. I think it’s a great way to throw the visual side of authoring (because there is one, it’s just hiding inside the writer’s brain) to life.

Forget Me Not by Allison Whitmore at Pintrestforget me not postcard