Fun with my friends. On a writer’s journey into a new kind of YA fantasy world.

Allison Virginia Arden

Many of you are already following along with our bi-weekly chapter updates of The Lost Heir over on Wattpad as we polish up the story for publication. We were thinking that maybe some of you might like to know about our journey creating the “Skyside” world in The Lost Heir.

First, there are two major locations that are Skyside in the novel: Brightwood Studios and The Foxworthy Hotel.  As a writing team over the past two or three years, we would visit lots of places to write as a team. We also looked for places to inspire our setting around our hometown of Los Angeles.


The Culver Studios is the movie studio that inspired Brightwood Studios in The Lost Heir. We spent a lot of time walking along the outside. Though we’ve been inside, we have not had the full tour yet. However, because I booked rooms at…

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