Pandora Lost

As a young girl, she was haunted by an angel

Or was it a phantom, whose onyx eyes

Fired like the sun and whose scepter

Of crystal perverted a future told?

To a child, six, ten, seventeen then twenty

This angel repeated a fable of a husband, a dear,

A bundle born, a pearl in a feathered shell

This fable shone bright, rainbowed on each face

Jeering without shame, eating smiles

And unfleshing memories

This angel, or phantom with onyx eyes

Told unwithering lies then twined a rope

To bloody the dreaming girl’s palms

To tease her taste buds and tickle her throat

With envy, lust, and distrust

with mayhem, with disdain

Then with its wicked power

Clumped and clotted and spit out the virgin virtue

Pandora lost